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Oct 31, 2012 11:00pm EDT
... and not other states. anncr: and so do elected leaders of both parties... councilman john olszewski: new jobs and a stronger economy. endorsed by the naacp, police and firefighters small business owner: good jobs... teacher: and better schools construction worker: vote for question seven.
Nov 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
through these homes. >> and left a mess for many homeowners to clean john casey had to have help getting to atlantic city and when he got there he saw what sandy left behind. >> you see the dry wall, that's probably where water was coming in. >> like case see, these people steered clear of sandy. > . >> this is an apartment right. >> yes, sir. >> you rent this out? >> yes. >> what's going do happen? >> i don't know what we'll do now. >> everyone we spoke with said they didn't lose anything that couldn't be replaced, they were just glad to see sandy gone and look guard to seeing their city -- forward to seeing their city come alive again. >> and you can follow the latest news on superstorm sandy on our website and check out the pictures, >> what are the best jobs in america? cnn and money and pay came up with a list of the top one hundred jobs in the country based on pay satisfaction, stress level, benefits and flexibility. let's look at the top five, no. one, biomedical engineer, second place, market marketing consultant. software architect and data
Nov 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
money. i am john matarese. >> reporter: 45 degrees now at the airport, but it feels cold r. than that. i 578 meteorologist wyatt everhe,rt. >> a couple cameras for you. a few breaks of sunshine early on. how about the high mountain country where they still have tremendous issues with the snow that came down. what% of people in garrett county still do not have power back. isolated areas, we will see a couple pictures. went, we look for basically more of these heavy snow days or heavy layers of show to continue to cause problems. again, a lot of power out. we will continue to watch the situation in western maryland. people still suffering from soon ditch unbelievable. winds from the west around 15. gusts around 20. what it feels like? 30s to near 40 degrees. yes, there is a definite chill. feels like 48 up in pittsburgh. again, that is the kind of weather pattern we are in. colder than average. that's going to continue. this does not look to break any time soon. it is a cold r. than normal pattern. coming out of a much warmer than normal pattern right up until sandy. as we go to the w -
Oct 26, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in history. >>> now john allen mohammed was executed in 2009. leroy malvo is serving a life sentence. >>> and now maryland's most accurate forecast. >>> let's get the latest on hurricane sandy. you see her turning here. some of the outer cloud bands already reaching into maryland. here is the setup now. broad circulation. we expect that to tighten over the next 24 hours as this continues to make its way north. you get the idea why we're terming this a superstorm sandy because the setup is a large, large system. the storms all the way into the caribbean wrapping around. this will tighten as it comes up. again, this is our set up right now. the latest track again out of the national hurricane center, a concerning one as we see the turn into the peninsula. it has shifted 20 miles north which is good news for maryland. still we're going to be very close to the center of this powerful storm. days of wind, rain, power outages a good possibility. sunday into monday is our key time frame and it will ramp up out to the west. all ready creating seas in the mid 20s, wave heights to 24 feet off
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4